Our Facilities

ARMA offers an agile combination of highly advanced manufacturing capabilities and top-of-the-line production technology.

Our 120,000 square-foot facility gives us the ability to handle a wide variety of projects simultaneously. Included in our impressive equipment list are all of the following:

* 98" BHS corrugator

* 66"x127" Industry leading MARTIN 4-color flexo folder gluer with UV dryers and an inline rotary die cutting station.  This machine delivers superior printing that even holds flesh tones

* 50" x 110" KOPPERS 2 color flexo folder gluer 

* 38" x   80" ZLM 1 color flexo folder gluer 

* 66" x 115" LANGSTON 4-color rotary die cutter

* 44" x   63" BOBST die cutter with stripping section

* 39" x   53" AUTOMATAN litho laminator

* 50" x 100" HOOPER 1 color press 

* 64" x 160" JUMBO 1 color press 

Our equipment is linked to computer-controlled touch screen consoles, enabling ARMA to adhere to even the most demanding specs.

Complementing our equipment are ARMA operators, who are among the most experienced in the industry, and who also undergo continuous training to stay abreast of the latest advancements and techniques.